Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Mod APK Android Version V19.41.1 for Free

With the prevalence of the online virtual world over the years, online chat tools have been on the rise. Almost every online chat tool is just the same. If you are a heavy user of the WhatsApp chat tool but are bothered by the fact that it is not smart and convenient enough, there are some great WhatsApp Mods, like Download WhatsApp Plus Mod APK that can quickly solve your problem.

Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Mod APK Android Version V19.41.1 for Free

The WhatsApp Plus Mod that we are going to introduce will allow you to get hold of more features that the original software does not have and to discover some features that you never thought were possible. This software has been developed and released by professional technicians and allows anyone who needs it to download it. It's a great way to improve your WhatsApp experience. Simply click here you can complete WhatsApp Plus free download process.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus on Android?

Check out the WhatsApp Plus APK main information below to make a WhatsApp Plus free download. The updated version information is shown below. After you download the APK, ensure to download the additional resources from unknown sources, which can make the APK work on your phone.

Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Mod APK Android Version V19.41.1 for Free

What’s New in WhatsApp Plus Latest Version?

Download WhatsApp Plus Mod APK, and lose yourself in all of these new features beneath. 

Enabled New Features in WhatsApp Plus Latest Version

  • Privacy "My Contacts Except..."

  • After the chat exit in the background, you can listen to voice notes.
  • Send Any Emoji As Reactions. Simply click the "+" icon.

Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Mod APK Android Version V19.41.1 for Free

Added Features on WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Download

"Direct Contact Link" option for chats. It permits you to quickly share any WhatsApp contact, no need to send your saved details.

  • Added Multiple Languages in in-Chat Translation: "Tamil", "Vietnamese", "Gujarati", "Urdu", "Bengali", "Punjabi".
  • Confirm before sending the status.
  • No Internet but stays "calling" option for call rejection type.
  • Use emojis for profile photos or set "Search Web".
  • Display prohibited call notifications due to caller privacy.
  • Every chat has a custom double-tap emoji.
  • Change background color flexibly for text status.
  • Option to turn off the double tap to Like.
  • Add "Chat Backup" option to crash
  • New Way to Show Updates (Beta)
  • Custom text color to text status
  • Double tap can Like an MSG
  • Admin indicator in groups

Improved Points on WhatsApp Plus APK

  • "Who Can Call Me" Settings. The "Everyone" setting now automatically disables deny options.
  • Show "Chats" in one UI header instead of "WhatsApp"
  • Mods Settings Translation
  • Add Anti-Ban Protection

Fixed Parts on WhatsApp Plus APK Download

  • Top bar disappearing in stock UI
  • Voice/Video Icon Color In Calls Screen
  • Page Now Show Folder Location Misc Themes
  • Folder Moved to /Download/GBThemes
  • Some Arabic translation spellings misc themes and Backup/Restore Settings 

What Exactly WhatsApp Plus is?

Rafalete developed WhatsApp Plus APK in 2012. WhatsApp Plus is one of the top-rated Modified WhatsApp variations after GBWhatsApp. It is an accepted APK Mod of WhatsApp. It’s used by tens of thousands and thousands who experience too limited via way of means of the original application.

In addition to Rafalete, two other developers, HeyMods and AlexMods, each produced a unique variation of WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp Plus has been upgraded and is available on HeyMods. The Rafalete version and this one are very similar. Similar to the Rafalete version, the revised version contains these features. The HeyMods version does, however, provide an extra resource. The APK must be accessed through this route after WhatsApp Plus downloaded.

Download WhatsApp Plus Mod APK, it allows you to customize the generally usual WhatsApp, providing you with the privilege of expression with it. What’s more, WhatsApp Plus is an exceptional app for more than one account, hiding online status and blue ticks to suit your reserved needs. You can use it to electrify your pals with the different custom-built options, incredible photo downloading, and so on. Here, you can additionally hide the writing status when you need more time to respond to a text.

What Are WhatsApp Plus Advantages and Disadvantages Compared to WhatsApp?

Advantages of Download WhatsApp Plus Mod APK

Give You More Privacy

WhatsApp Mod presents you with the first-rate and utmost privateness to your activity online. You can manage who can contact you or take a look at the text's status, the connection status, etc.

Change the App Fonts Flexibly

Multiple new font options are available for you, which give you various chances to design your app look.

Much More Emojis

People like to apply specific emojis, and the WhatsApp Plus download offers get admission to a few new and funky emoticons. You can use them in line with your desire even as sending a text.

Support Different File Formats

WhatsApp Mod does now no longer have any barriers in the case of the file format, which WhatsApp has. You can effortlessly proportion documents of any format, such as APKs, ZIP documents, PDFs, etc., via this app with no difficulty

Support for Large Files

Have you ever been bothered by the fact that w can't send too much software? W know the maximum file size of WhatsApp is currently 16MB. While the company plans to increase it to 2GB, you can get around this limit on Yo WhatsApp. There is no size limit in the case of files.

Disadvantages of Download WhatsApp Plus Mod APK

WhatsApp Plus comes from a third-party source. If you need to Download WhatsApp Plus, you need to permit the setting “download from unknown source”. What’s more, Finding the correct official download path is the only way to ensure the safety of your downloaded files. You can easily download and install the program if your smartphone satisfies all other prerequisites. 

Other Customized Options in WhatsApp Plus

  • Use Custom Wallpaper.
  • Change of Chat Background.
  • Change Chat Bubbles Style.
  • Change the message size and customize the hyperlink color.
  • The date size and status icon color are changeable.
  • The color of the status symbol and date can both be changed.
  • You can alter Bluetick's color.

More FAQs about WhatsApp Plus APK Mod

Why is WhatsApp Plus Not Installing?

Uninstalling the previous version is the first condition to use WhatsApp Plus. Here’s the step to follow:

Step 1. Visit the Settings menu on your Android phone and select the Applications section

Step 2. Next, type “WhatsApp Plus” on the search bar to find the WhatsApp Plus APK.

Step 3. Now, open the downloaded APK and follow the prompts to install WhatsApp Plus

Transfer WhatsApp data to WhatsApp Plus?

Step 1. After completing WhatsApp Plus downloading and launching the WhatsApp app, press the icon with the three dots, which is situated in the upper right corner of the screen above the conversations.

Step 2. Select the "Settings" option. You should see a new screen with other settings, here choose the Chats option.

Step 3. A new interface will show you, now choose the backup chats option.

Step 4. Finally, configure how to backup and changes will have been saved.


WhatsApp is likely a powerful tool for chatting and video calling WhatsApp. However, it doesn’t satisfy users' needs. This is why WhatsApp Plus comes into being, offering more interesting and useful features to a wide range of users. Most importantly, WhatsApp Plus free download is easy to complete. As we have said before, Mods keep all the basic features that we have and add many other useful features on top of that. As WhatsApp is updated, so is WhatsApp Plus.

We’re confident that one of WhatsApp Plus’s new features will make you like it. Hope you found this guide useful in discovering a new and useful app, gaining the required information to learn it more, and finding an official way to Download WhatsApp Plus easily. For the most recent updates, remember to keep an eye on this page.